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Sandwich Trays & Boxed Lunches

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Delicious Sandwich

New York Style Sandwich Tray

Shaved Meats, Premium Cheeses and Housemade Chicken & Tuna Salad. Stacked on Hearth Baked Rolls & Breads. Garnished with Lettuce & Tomato.

Served with Chips, Pickles & Condiments

$8.25 Per Person

Gourmet Deli Platter

Maple Ham, Roast Beef, Shaved Turkey, Genoa Salami & Chicken Salad. Colby, Provolone, Swiss & American Cheeses. Garnished with Lettuce & Tomato. Stacked on Hearth Baked Petite Rolls, Honey Wheat, Marble Rye & Italian Breads. Served with Chips, Pickles & Condiments.

$7.99 Per Person

Boxed Lunches

Your Favorite Tavern Sandwich or Salad. Served in Individually Labeled Boxes for Your Convenience.