Greet - Eat - Complete

Before the roosters start to crow, our artisan bakers begin to craft the day’s breads, bagels, muffins, and buttery croissants. As the day unfolds, the kitchen begins to buzz... turning fresh, wholesome ingredients into the meals you love A catered Sales Call, Lunch & Learn or Family Occasion, Our mission is to make it successful!

Fundamentals passed down from three generations of Tavern Keeps, Grocers, and Restauranteurs were vital to our development. “Serve the Best, Eat the Rest” is one Grandma-ism that comes to mind. Cutting your teeth in any family business, you learn to value customers. You learn to appreciate them.

Is Customer Service still important ?

How was your last experience at The Big Chain Burger Barn? How did the delivery person from Pap’s Wrap Stopgap treat you ? Were you greeted with; “Do you want something !?” We've seen a lot of that ! We train our staff to do better ! They will greet you properly with “How may I help you ?”. We will go the extra mile to show you how important your event is to all of us here at Chef Chipper. We will treat you with respect, courtesy and the utmost professionalism.

We are eager to go above and beyond what is 'normal' to enhance your experience. Our Team is dedicated to catering to YOUR specific needs . We are here to SERVE, and HAPPY to do it.

Grandmom - Our Best Teacher

Our Mission = Make your Event a Success !

To all of you, from all of us at Chef Chipper - Thank you and Happy Celebrating !

Chef Chipper
Chef Chipper

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